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Specialty Shampoos in Harrisburg and Concord, NC

At A Fancy Pup, our medicated shampoos and conditioners help get rid of odors, and help ensure that your pet is healthy! We only use the most recommended products in the industry for your pet.

Our brands currently include FURminator, created to help reduce shedding, and Davis Chlorhexidine, a medicated shampoo designed to promote skin conditioning and bacteria control.
Pet Shampoo — Grooming Services in Harrisburg, NC
Other Shampoo Services include:
Ultra Dirty Wash - formulated for MAX clean
Lemon-Aid - conditioning shampoo for sensitive skin
Medicated - treatment of allergies & eczema, hotspots
Scentament Spa - Mandarine Jasmine & Honey (deodorizing, gentle clean)
Anti-Dandruff - eliminates dry skin and flakes
Pet Hair Grooming — Grooming Services in Harrisburg, NC
Our shampoo services range from $5-$20; but speak to your groomer for further details on what treatments might be best for your cat or dog.
Call A Fancy Pup for an appointment today; and rest assured that your pet is in our experienced & loving hands!